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    Dear filmmakers:

    Kan-Kan Media is pleased to announce the second edition of “A LONG WEEK OF SHORT FILMS FESTIVAL” Shanghai.

    “A LONG WEEK OF SHORT FILMS FESTIVAL” is a unique film event that aims to bring together Chinese film and art institutions, film professionals, students and audience in Shanghai and create a platform to exchange and promote the diversity of the world cinema. During 10 days the festival will present more than 200 short films selected from more than 60 countries around the world.

    “A LONG WEEK OF SHORT FILMS” Festival is the result of the collaboration between Kan-Kan Media and Chinese art and film institutions like Minsheng Museum of Contemporary Arts in Shanghai (official host of the Festival) and Shanghai Film Art Academy. It arises from the need to create a platform for a dialogue and exchange between film professionals, students, film communities and audiences taking as a reference point Shanghai/China.

    The previous edition of LWSF was a huge success with more than 3000 submissions, 200 films selected and 10 days of film screenings, workshops, talks, music concerts and dance performances attended by 1500+ film-lovers, among them film professionals, students, film communities and artists of other disciplines.

    This year the focus will be on the discovery of emerging talents both internationally and in China in order to bring them into the public spotlight and offer them the opportunities for networking and a platform where ideas and work can be exchanged among a new generation of film creators worldwide.

    The festival has two main categories: International Section and Chinese Section, accompanied by showcases of outstanding festivals from various countries, as well as workshops, master-classes and other special events.

    All the films meeting the submission criteria will be considered for the International Short Film Competition Award for Best Short Film, Best Director, Audience and Outstanding Story Award.

    We are looking forward to your participation
    LWSF Organizers


    1. All film genres are eligible for submission.
    2. Submission is FREE of charge.
    3. The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2017.
    4. The submitted films must have been completed after 1st January 2015.
    5. The maximum running time: 30 minutes.
    6. Required format: HD resolution, H264 codec, AC3 audio codecs or MP2, preferred aspect ratio 16:9, films shot in a language other than English must have English subtitles hard-burnt in the film.
    7. VERY IMPORTANT: SUBMISSION OF THE SUBTITLE FILE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL THE FILMS WITH DIALOGUES (EVEN IF THE FILM IS IN ENGLISH). The subtitle file (a dialogue sheet with time code) is required in order to facilitate translations to Mandarin. Accepted subtitle file formats: SRT, ASS, STL, SSF, SSA. Submissions without subtitle file will NOT be accepted.
    8. Only high quality, screen-ready submissions will be accepted, without any watermarks and logos (except during title sequence and credits).
    9. A link to download the film (DropBox, Vimeo, Baidu, etc.) is to be submitted via the on-line form. We do not accept responsibility for expiration of temporary uploads such as via WeTransfer.
    10. The films may be submitted on-line via any of the following platforms:


    In case of problems with the on-line submission form, fill this off-line submission form and e-mail it to email with the required attachments)


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